Killington Stage 1 – Brendan’s Report

ksr stage 1 finish photo


Traveling to Killington, Vermont and getting settled was the hardest part. Once I had 2 tires on the road, all the thinking, prepping, and planning fell away like the rain did that day. The light morning rain and wet roads dried up under our feet over the course of this race. Chilly 9am was good to us- some rain came through later in the day which I heard made for an epic finish to a previously dry master’s race.

I think one of the things I love about circuits is in having a chance to learn the course and apply the knowledge during the next lap. In this case, though, it would have been smarter to know where the line was before the race started. I had this great plan to take the sprinter’s jersey home, which meant I had turn my pedals into points. That plan took a punch to the kidney when I went for the first intermediate sprint .5km early. Those big red flags in the ground I was sprinting for weren’t the finish line like I bullheadedly thought- they were the .5km markers. Guess who sprinted for the big red flags, flying down on a decent on the front at up to 45mph? The same guy who sat up once he realized the amazing lead out he had just given to the eventual sprint jersey winner and 2nd in this race. So I had a moment with myself as most of the peleton flew by me on either side.

So whatever, lap 2. I tell a friend in the pack what had just happened and the conclusion we came to was there is still a win to contest. I don’t remember a ton of lap two, other than making the move back up to the front in the last 5km. I found myself behind Pat (@pluckow) and let him know I was there. He moved up just a bit, which slung me out on the outside quickly and quietly. I wasn’t quiet when I was up front- maintained and moved up. Got “friendly” with the STAMPEDE! train and took second wheel to their very tenacious effort.

So I was the first to jump for it at right at .3km to go on the center yellow line. I dared them all to pass me before the line and 2 did at the right time.  So hey, a podium, I’ll take it. Fun fact: this is my second time placing 3rd and fourth time taking 3rd in a bunch sprint this season.

Want to add a note of appreciation for Kolie, Patrick, and Dave of November Bicycles for a great weekend of racing, support, and comradery.

My KSR Summary

37mi Circuit race: 3rd

61mi Road race: 18th

11mi Individual Time Trial: 7th

Shop ride is cancelled for Saturday 9/30/2023! Stay tuned for more Shop Rides in the Spring of 2024!

More rain, such is New England...

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