CBS at Marblehead 4/5

I went out to Marblehead, MA on Sunday to represent Community Bike Supply Racing at the Michael Schott Memorial Circuit Race. My goals for this race were consisted of getting some practice moving around in the pack, doing some work at the front, and staying safe. Being as it was not a climbers course, I knew my chances were not great.

I lined up in the second row, wanting to start out at the front and not have to fight for those first few spots. I hung out in the top 10 for the first lap, but didn’t catch much wind. The course is a 2.2 mile loop, with a gradual winding climb, followed by an easy s-curve decent, a 120 degree turn, and a short climb right before the finish. On the second lap I quickly moved up to the top 5 and stayed there, largely to stay out of trouble. First race of the season, lots of 5’s in the race, I figured it was better to do a little work up front and stay safe. I even put in a couple little digs to keep the pace moving. A couple times I got pushed back to 15th or 20th, and was able to pretty quickly get myself back up to the front. I was comfortable staying up there until about 45 minutes in, when a KMS rider attacked into the s-curve. I opted to not chase this down, and promptly got passed by half the field. Later I decided to take the 120 degree turn on the inside, and got stuck behind a rider taking it very very slowly. That put me at the back and was largely the end of my race, as I wasn’t able to get back up to the front in the remaining 15 minutes. You live you learn. Finished 43rd out of 65.

Overall it was a gorgeous day for a race, and a great little circuit on the ocean. Thanks to CCB for putting on a great little opener to my season!



The climb was short but still elicited some good painfaces

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