TD Bank Mayor’s Cup 2014

Pat’s report from the 2014 edition of Mayor’s Cup:

Woah. I’m still barely hanging on (especially when Dan is on the front…) but I’m growing a fondness for the criteriums.

Mayors Cup was fast from the gun and didn’t let up. I tail gunned the whole race, but didn’t get dropped. 0.7 mile loop, four corners, nice little downhill left turn you could take without touching brakes. I was sprinting full gas up the hill every-single-lap, and then sprinting again along the backstretch to try to pick up some spots. I experimented with trying to take the hill seated, and did a few times to recover a bit, but it always resulting in a small gap opening that I would have to sprint to shut down. I hit my max HR about 10 min in and proceeded to bump back into it over and over for the next 35 min, with the exception of a neutral lap after a crash. Finished at the back with a smile as Brendan and Mike Heiss (GLV) chased me down to sprint it out for 69th.
So awesome racing with all our boston buddies, and a huge crowd around the course, a few of whom were friends cheering me on.
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Tod rolling through, Brendan in the background (via Katie Busick Photography)


Brendan moving up (via Katie Busick Photography)


Pat fighting for it (via Katie Busick Photography)

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